Kaleidescape movies are presented to you in full 4K HDR resolution, matching and sometimes exceeding the quality level of the actual disc or theatrical release. With thousands of uncompressed movies and TV shows at your fingertips, your entire family is sure to be pleased.

Taking your cinema experience to the next level in your home is simple, and Kaleidescape has the solution for all budgets. Lets take a look at the Kaleidescape components below and contact us for more information or to set up an in home demonstration



Your family just made the popcorn and  sat down to enjoy a movie. You grab several remote controls and launch your Netflix app. You finally find your movie and press play. The movie starts and immediately you know something is not right. The screen becomes blotchy, pixelated and the sound does not appear to be true Dolby Atmos sound. The message appears, “Buffering” and you wait for the move to start again. That is the reality of streaming video services. Kaleidescape will never freeze, stutter or buffer. You will see a full bandwidth 4K HDR movie in its full glory. That’s because you downloaded the movie  from the online Kaleidescape movie store. It is not streaming. You are not relying on your unpredictable internet connection and you don’t have to deal with the amount of over compression of the Video streaming services.

Get ready to experience the Kaleidescape difference and have family fun finding and playing movies in your home.



1. Strato S: The Strato S is the latest addition to the Kaleidescape lineup. A sleek design, delivering high performance features. The Strato S can play 4K Blu-ray discs or 4K movies that are purchased from the Kaleidescape store.  You can also enjoy your DVD’s which are upscaled to 4K resolution. Using it’s internal 12TB hard drive, the Strato S can hold over 300 movies including 4K HDR titles. Easily expandable, you can simply add another Strato S or a Terra movie server to store additional movies

2. Strato C: Similar performance features of the Strato S, the Strato C is a smaller version that does not have any internal storage. Instead, it plays back movies that are stored on the Strato S or Terra movie server. Experience immersive audio and Ultra 4K HD video using the power of the Terra Server to quickly and effortlessly browse through thousands or movie titles, all in a sleek compact aluminum finished design

3. The Terra Movie Server: With a capacity of up to 40TB of movies, the Terra Server can store over 1200 movies including 4K HDR titles. Easily expand to all of the rooms in your home using the compact Strato C players and enjoy a whole home cinema experience all watching different movies. Adding the Terra movie server will not only increase the storage capacity of your movies, but it will also speed up the browsing and playback as well as increase the download speeds from the Kaleidescape store.

Once you install a Terra server in your home, you will fall in love with the performance of your system.



Movies not even available to the general public including the streaming services! You can now order movies and start enjoying them before anyone else. All in full 4K HDR resolution. A fun interactive experience, browsing the thousands of movies right on your TV is a feature not to miss. Choose from Blu-ray, 4K and the ultimate 4K HDR with true Dolby Atmos sound, your movie will be ready to watch when you are.

Using the all new Kaleidescape mobile App, you can use your smart phone to not only browse and purchase movies from the store, but also you can control your Kaleidescape system in your home. This makes it family fun to find and watch your favorite movies.

Kaleidescape fully integrates with all of the Smart home technology products. Strongman Security prefers Control4. Using your phone, ipad, in-wall touchpanels or the sleep Control4 Remote control, you can press 1 button and your movie experience comes to life. Closing the blinds, slowly lowering the lights, turning on your TV and AV system and instantly starting the movie. All without any of the movie trailers, previews, or warnings. Press start movie and Enjoy!

As a premier platinum dealer, Strongman Security can provide you with Kaleidescape here in northern New Jersey. Give us a call or send us a message to schedule a no pressure demonstration in your Home today!


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