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Smart Home

Simplifying your Life with Smart Home Automation Products.

The smart houses of the future are here. No longer relegated to the world of sci-fi and futuristic TV shows, with our smart home devices you will be on the cutting edge of home automation. We carry a wide range of automation products: video intercom systems, wireless door locks, energy-saving lighting systems, you name it. With these devices you can control your houses temperatures, lighting, alarm systems, garage door, view the cameras, control the sprinklers, and more all on one touch screen or computer.

Video Intercom Surveillance

Need to see who's at the door? With our video intercom systems you don't even have to get up, just press a button and see who it is. No more answering the door for pesky solicitors or religionists, but you can still be sure to sign for that all important package when it arrives.

Simplified Video Collections

Do you have a lot of DVDs or Blu-Rays? Maybe you have kids and want a special repository for the discs that will allow them to watch what they want, without having to handle the actual discs. We carry several solutions for home entertainment: media servers, 320 disc Blu-Ray movie vaults, M-class players, and all-in-one DVD movie servers.