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Dealer Reseller GPS Services

Do you sell GPS tracking devices?

Here is a quick way for you to also provide GPS tracking service to your customers and enjoy a recurring revenue. Contact us today 888-292-1777 to discuss how we can help you provide a suite of services to your customers today.

GPS tracking is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing technology fields in the world, whether it be of actual people, vehicles or assets. By using redundant, dedicated servers distributed in strategic nation-wide locations, your customers can thoroughly experience the latest suite of advanced GPS technology.

Resellers and dealers can now enjoy huge discounts on hardware, in addition to the best GPS pricing in the industry using the latest real-time tracking technology and software from the number one name in the business: Position Logic brought to you by Strongman Security.

Your customer's accounts can be setup in minutes using the easy to use online tracking portal. From single individual users to your largest fleet tracking accounts, you can provide as little or as many options and features you want your customers to have.


Whether your customers require tracking of important people for safety reasons or tracking their teen driver to ensure they are driving safely. They can receive instant alerts of speeding, exact location, and any other events they require to obtain.


Provide your transportation fleet customers with robust reporting framework which provides access to a wealth of data for streamline operations and critical information including driver safety, vehicle utilization, vehicle maintenance and much more


Furnish your customers with asset tracking and management technology using the most up to date GPS tracking even under the most extreme, rugged conditions where competing services simply don't compare. Automatically schedule maintenance and receive notifications of any issues with your managed equipment including storage containers, generators, HVAC equipment, construction equipment, and more


Even when you are not physically able to be keeping a watchful eye - your system can be and will also e-mail you alerts for any notification features you configure. Set notification alerts for low fuel, excessive speed, perimeters, or anything else you wish to monitor and your system will alert you of such information.


Strongman Security offers to you Position Logic's industry-leading Geofencing capabilities. Users can create custom perimeters, or "fences" and will be notified as soon as any tracking device leaves the reconfigured area. The geofencing feature also come with the ability to draw them in any shapedesired, not just by picking a point and defining the radius of a circle. Users can also assign custom colors to multiple geofences allowing forvisualization on the map and tracking interface simple and extremely user-friendly.


Strongman Security's platform can handle virtaully any tracking devices - whether it be a single individual user, or an entire fleet of tracking devices for your business. We at Strongman can provide you with the necessary help to provide your customers with the advanced, reliable technology they deserve as well as necessary support for any and all inquiries.

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