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GPS Tracking Products

GPS Tracking Products

Strongman Security offers a wide variety of different GPS tracking devices to perfectly fit any unique scenario. They are able to be used on cars, slipped into purses, backpacks or bags. Some are passive: triggered by motion, speeds, door opening/closings, sudden stops and even geographical locations (such as a crossing or boundary). Passive GPS trackers or logger as they are commonly called, will record the history to the internal memory of the device, then later you retrieve the tracker and connect it to your computer to view the history.

There are also active GPS devices, Active or real time trackers are perfect for relaying their location every 30 seconds, giving the person tracking an exact location as to where the location precisely is.

Many of the more advanced GPS units work in conjunction with an online tracking program. These devices track locations to within two meters, but the program will let you access the device’s trail at any time during the day. No need to wait, you can do it anywhere in the world, with no hassle. Other units store the data inside themselves, waiting for it to be retrieved later.

These devices can be used on anything from fleets of vehicles, children, seniors and anything or anyone else you want to track. Regardless of what kind of device or capabilities you need in your GPS device, we have the right system for you.