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6540UPI - GE Security - PIR Pet Immune Hardwired Sensor

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GE Hard wired Motion detector. Affordable yet reliable
Manufacturer: GE Security
Item#: 6540UPI

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Do you need a security system to keep your family and home safe when you're not around? Need it to be able to deal with pets and other animals without going off every few minutes? Well we have the peripheral security device for you, GE Security's new 6540UPI PIR Pet Immune Sensor. 

Designed specifically with residential complexes and pet owners in mind, the PIR Pet Immunity Sensor steps in to fill the gap left by traditional security devices, which might trigger false alarms because of small pests or pets as they travel around your home. The PI6000 Motion sensor is just one of the many devices offered by GE to deal with this issue. Using the GE Sentrol PI6000 Motion Detector system at a mounting height between seven and eight feet, this system has a pet false alarm immunity up to 30lbs. 

The brand new high density lens are smart enough to tell the difference in mass with their advanced software, ensuring that you will never have to deal with a false alarm again. The ASIC based signal processors analyze the speed, size and even shape of returning signals to ensure that they only trigger alerts when it truly matters. 

Able to watch a 35 by 35 foot area, a single sensor can cover entire hallways, most mid-sized rooms and even porches for your home. This kind of amazing protection is often only found in the most expensive of commercial motion detectors, but has been adapted for use in residential areas with great efficiency. 

Features Overview

  • Brand new High Density lens technology and the PI6000 provide small pet and rodent immunity up to 30 lbs
  • ASIC-based signal processors analyze speed, size and shape of pending signals to determine their threat level and identity in order to sound alarms accordingly
  • Sealed case encloses the optic sensors to prevent false alarms created by insect invasion
  • Gives you Commercial quality operation in a residentially suited package
  • Includes: (1) 6540UPI Sensor


  • The brand new high density (HD) lens or the PI6000 now with small pet and rodent immunity that are good up to 30 lbs.
  • ASIC-based signal processing analyzes speed, size and shape of pending signals.
  • Sealed optics stop false alarms started by insects entering detector.
  • Commercial operation in a fully residential package.

What's Included

(1) 6540UPI - GE Security PIR Pet Immune Hardwired Sensor 

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